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History Of Software Development Methodologies

software development methodologies history

Like any other industry, IT-market has been evolving during its development process. This emerged numerous software development methodologies along the way. Some of those are outdated now, other ones are still relevant to a nowadays market. Let’s discover 3 crucial phases of the history of software development methodologies to understand…

Software Product Development Aspects You Should Know

Software Product Development Aspects You Should Know

As the IT-market gets more and more attention from the worldwide community, software product development expertise goes up in value. This happens for two reasons: Demand for software solutions raises. Businesses of IT and non-IT industries lean towards operations automation and data virtualization; Software development becomes more sophisticated. Nowadays complex…

3 Tips On Creating Product Prototype

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Creating a product prototype is integral to an agile development methodology these days. As an IT-industry expands, the competition increases exponentially. Such a trend introduces the need to keep your project the most cost-efficient possible. This is where product development prototyping comes in handy. Myriads of startup ideas appear in…

3 Things You Should Know About Product Design Development

product design

People are discussing product design issues these days more often than ever before. This happens for a reason: a competition-driven market forces us to come up with better design solutions than our rivals do to withstand the pressure. Let’s find out how to design a product and figure out 3…

4 Best Product Design And Development Companies

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As IT-industry expands and gets more and more rivalry-driven, the issue of quality product design and development arises. The thing is, it was enough just to develop a product in a popular market sector to be successful a few years ago. Things have changed since then. The product design –…

4 Reasons to Outsource Software Development

software development outsource

Outsourced product development companies are the modern way to handle your software development. If you seek an alternative to the in-house department, an outsource software development may be a solution you are looking for. Let’s figure out the reasons to prefer software product development outsourcing over the traditional approach. We’ll…