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Utility apps for Android are software products that make our smartphones even smarter. We can hardly imagine our mobile devices without life-saving features like flashlight, calculator, music player, and many other ones we use daily.

Let’s find out what are the best utility apps for Android and how to use them. In case you have a revolutionary idea to implement, we will also share tips on picking the best Android utility applications development services.

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1. CamScanner

CamScanner is an app for document scanning. It allows you to scan the office documents and receive quality snapshots. Here are the features of CamScanner worth mentioning:

  • Image editor. In addition to scanning documents, you can also edit them with a handy image editor;
  • File export and cloud sync. CamScanner exposes multiple ways of exporting your files including numerous file formats and cloud storage;
  • Customizable watermark. CamScanner cares about your business and lets you generate a customizable watermark to protect your documents.

CamScanner is undoubtedly one of the best utility apps for Android. Here at Gravum, we find it especially useful when dealing with sending documents and faxes all the time.

2. Advanced Phone Cleaner

Advanced Phone Cleaner is a smartphone optimizer. This application offers the following set of functionality:

  • Junk cleaner. Advanced Phone Cleaner scans your mobile device, detects all excessive data stored on the smartphone, and removes it. This frees the device memory and significantly increases your storage capacity;
  • Performance booster. Advanced Phone Cleaner frees your RAM from unnecessary processes and improves your mobile device performance substantially;
  • Antivirus. The app has a built-in antivirus protecting your smartphone for free;
  • Battery consumption optimizer. Advanced Phone Cleaner optimizes the way the device uses your battery and – therefore – increases its charge duration.

Advanced Phone Cleaner is the top device cleaner amongst the best Android utility apps. Download yours now and start squeezing every drop of productivity from your smartphone.

utility apps for android3. Google Assistant

Our Gravum software experts believe that Google Assistant is an entirely new approach to interacting with a smartphone. It is a sophisticated mobile software product consisting of the following features:

  • Smart reminders. Type or talk to a Google Assistant about the things you need to recall later. Tell it to remember a parking lot section you’ve used or the time your bus arrives. Google Assistant will remind you when you need it;
  • Organizer. Google Assistant will tell you the current traffic situation, table reservations, optimized routes, and many other everyday routine tips to make your life easier;
  • Smart Home Control. Google Assistant integrates with the Smart Home modules such as lighting systems, music centers, smart kitchen, etc. Control your whole Smart Home with your voice via Google Assistant.

Whether you are an active person or just looking for the Smart Home management system, include Google Assistant in your “best android utility apps” list.

4. Google Translate

Another product from the same software vendor – Google Translate. We all know how the translation apps work, why this one is special? Here are the features that make this app outperform the alternatives:

  • Offline translation. More than 50 languages are available in the offline mode;
  • Image text translation. Just capture any sign in your camera scope to receive an instant translation;
  • Speech translation. Translate from more than 30 languages by recording a speech.

Reach feature set and more than 6 millions review on Google Play prove one more time that Google Translate deserves to be amongst your must-have utility applications for Android.

5. Adobe Photoshop Express

We know Adobe for its outstanding graphics editing software. Now they offer to try yourself in photo editing on the mobile. With Adobe Photoshop Express, you can create collages and astonishing photos with your smartphone. Here are the features Adobe Photoshop Express offers:

  • Image quality output configuration. You can customize the size and quality of an output image;
  • Custom watermark. Adobe Photoshop Express allows you to add graphical or text watermark to your images;
  • Sharing. Multiple sharing destinations are available in one click. Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and many other social networks and messengers are available for sharing your masterpieces.

6. LastPass

LastPass is an award-winning password manager. Password managers are the apps storing all your passwords from all services, tools, applications. The only pass you have to remember is the master password – the key to your LastPass account.

LastPass is not only a password-saver. It also makes your online life easier by keeping your checkout credentials like shopping profiles and credit cards. As you can see, LastPass is both secure and convenient mobile software product.

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The Bottom Line

There are countless decent utility apps for Android out on the web. It is a matter of your preferences to choose mobile apps you like.

If you have the revolutionary mobile app idea that you want to bring to life, reach out to our Gravum Android development specialists. We are the experienced mobile developers striving to bring the best utility apps for Android to every customer.Utility Apps