Quality Assurance Engineer

Gravum are looking for experienced, self-motivated, highly productive QA Engineer. Our ideal candidates enjoy helping the developers debug their code, finding issues in unexpected places, and helping to avoid design mistakes before any code is written. Also the candidate must have experience testing business applications and be driven by a strong desire to learn and improve the products they work on.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Testing of web applications, identifying and reporting bugs and issues;
  • Reporting, managing and tracking bugs via our bug tracking system;
  • Creating and maintaining documentation: test plan, test cases, checklists;
  • Providing feedback and suggestions for improvements to the projects.

You will be responsible for setting up testing processes from the ground up using the latest available technologies and methodologies, analyzing and documenting business and technical requirements.

We expect you to be deeply involved in the development and improvement of the product. The team is fully responsible for gathering business requirements, conducting a business analysis, creating system design on various levels of abstraction, creating documentation, infrastructure provisioning, implementing, testing and supporting the final product. You should be ready to participate on every level.


  • 2+ years of experience in testing web applications;
  • A good understanding of the bug tracking process and software involved;
  • Knowledge of Chrome DevTools;
  • Understanding client-server architecture;
  • Understanding software development principles and cycles;
  • Testing theory knowledge;
  • Experience in writing and working with test documentation;
  • Understanding the basic principles of Agile;
  • Intermediate written English.

Our values:

  • We believe that the exceptional quality of our software is the only way to fulfill our Customer’s needs, to provide a competitive advantage and to ensure that members of our team learn fast and love their job. We are certain that investing in quality does not increase the development time but actually decreases it in the long term.
  • We believe that teamwork is the key to overcome complex challenges and to have fun while doing that.
  • We use the right tools for the right tasks. No silver bullets. This applies to program languages, frameworks, software development processes. If something is in the way, we get rid of that.
  • We prefer to work with creative, self-sufficient and responsible individuals. Each team member should be able to make his own choices and prove their applicability if needed. You need to know what you are doing.

Key Requirements

  • 2+ years of experience testing on web, desktop and mobile platform
  • Experience writing detailed test cases
  • Intermediate English
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