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Build a Serverless Web Application

Build a Serverless Web Application

With a serverless web application, you can concentrate on the code and not on the architecture part. It helps to manage the infrastructure and conquer the market faster. Serverless apps have many advantages, which we will cover in the article.  What Is a Serverless Web Application? A serverless app is…

Choosing Your Software Development Outsourcing Partner The Right Way

software development outsourcing

How to choose the best software development outsourcing company that would fit your vision exactly? Let’s go a bit in-depth into the topic and figure this out to make your choice easier. A Bit of Statistics & Speculation Did you know that about 59% of entrepreneurs use outsourcing services to…

Can construction mobile project apps change the construction space after COVID-19?

construction mobile apps

The outbreak of COVID-19 or the Novel Coronavirus has had a spiralling effect on almost all businesses, small or big. These are testing times if you are a business owner or someone who leads business from the front. Any business that runs short of innovation is destined to fail under…

Post-Pandemic Software Engineering – Will it Stay the Same?

Pandemic-Caused Software Engineering Changes

Long story short – like many IT, business, and other niches, the field of software engineering definitely takes on a new shape. The global COVID-19 commotion just won’t leave things as they used to be. Yes, any successful commercial, product-delivering activity has always had strong “customer focus” at its core….

The Main Benefits Of Progressive Web Apps

The Main Benefits Of Progressive Web Apps

Extremely fast, lightweight, feature-heavy, available offline – these are just some of the main reasons why businesses opt for progressive web applications. This web dev methodology has transformed the landscape of web development in recent years providing companies with huge opportunities to widen their reach and improve their processes. Looking for…

Top 10 Killer Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs to use in 2020

Killer Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs

Handling a transaction for any entrepreneur is an overwhelming and gratifying experience. However, you’ve got different responsibilities to handle. From conducting extensive research to understand your target audience, gather and manage useful resources, preserving effective interaction, boosting brand reputation and getting in touch with future clients, an entrepreneur has to…

How Qualified IT Cost Optimization Can Help Your Business During COVID-19 Pandemic

IT Cost Optimization

One of the issues currently on the mind of every IT business owner is finding efficient IT cost saving ideas. The longer the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic lasts, the higher the likelihood that even the strongest business organizations will have to make unpopular financial decisions. Many IT companies have…