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App Development Scrutinized: Guidelines to Follow. Part 1

app development software

In the digital world of today, business owners have come to realize that leveraging app development software can give their company a significant competitive edge over their rivals. The pivotal role of applications for successful business strategies is ensured by the astounding figure of five billion – this is the…

Why Choose Hybrid Apps?

Why choose hybrid apps

The modern world of computer technologies is full of varied apps, including hybrid apps. Developers are getting more sophisticated and professional. Each online store, supermarket or logistics company has its own app now. It is convenient, simple and cost effective. But not everything is so simple in the world of…

Overview of the Best Mobile Development Frameworks

Best Mobile Development Frameworks

The modern world is constantly evolving. Today, the majority of companies have already switched from desktop sites to mobile apps that are a fast tool for reaching global audiences. With over 3.5 billion smartphone users across the world, it goes without saying that the mobile app industry is thriving. So…

The Most Recommended Cloud Consulting Companies for 2020 by TechReviewer

Most Recommended Cloud Consulting Companies for 2020 by TechReviewer

Nowadays, an increasing number of users prefer not to keep personal data on a specific device or bind it to location. The most efficient solution in this matter is cloud where you can store information remotely and have access to it anytime, anywhere. The popularity of such services grows by…

Artificial Intelligence In Mobile App Development – Trends For 2020

Artificial Intelligence In Mobile App Development

Artificial Intelligence in mobile app development is one of the frothiest spaces in the Valley now. AI has officially become a buzzword, and this happened for a reason. You see, Artificial Intelligence is an opportunity to make our devices smart, to make them think, not just execute the straightforward commands….

Grow Your Company with Software Automation Tools

How to automate the workflow of your development and QA teams to improve the quality of the services provided by your company and grow your business to achieve extra profit.

Why are many software development companies today mostly focused on software automation? The thing is that traditional software development (the way it was done ten years ago) is slow and time-consuming. Just have a look at this sample: an average software developer spends at least four hours every week on…

Business Processes for a Software Development Company

Business Processes for a Software Development Company

Business process modeling for software development includes different conceptual visions of how to implement projects to create software. A business process is the implementation of a methodology, its individual elements or several methodology elements in a particular organization when carrying out specific projects and creating specific products. Therefore, the creation…