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Why Web Design is Important for Every Business?

Why Web Design is Important for Every Business

Your website is the most important part which will showcase your brand’s online presence. This is why it is important to design it in a systematic manner. Your website will work as the bottom of the funnel which will lead to converting your visitors into conversions.  It is important to…

Software Development Project Failure: Who Is to Blame?

Software Development Outsourcing: How to Save Your Business From the Burnout. Outsource Dedicated Team Gravum

Information Technology is a truly fascinating industry. It is one of the most demanded market sectors worldwide. Software development outsourcing is a progress engine, it is the technological revolution motivator. However, there are always two sides to the coin. Such a global interest in this industry and the market volatility…

What Is The Most Popular Software Development Methodology?

agile methodologies scrum kanban

There are around 5 very popular different software development methodologies. Each one represents has its own set of principles, methods, approaches, and software building processes to complete the project in the shortest possible time. A software development methodology determines the software building process of an organization. However, the choice depends…

Start-ups Attention! Here’s What It Takes to Build an Application Like Airbnb

Here's What It Takes to Build an Application Like Airbnb

Now, that you have decided to move out from just being an online business, to be an interesting mobile application why not research a little? Well before that, let’s put our heads together on a few questions.  As the idea of exploring new exotic destinations pops in your mind, what…

3 Lean Tools for Agile Development Environments

Agile Development Environments

Lean is an Agile philosophy that promotes resource conservation and constant striving for better results. The main goal of Lean is to ensure product implementation with reduced production costs and minimized likelihood of losses at the same time. Since it isn’t a full-on methodology, Lean does not have a set…

Top 5 Project Management Tools in 2020

Top 5 Project Management Tools in 2019

One of the latest and most discussed trends in the software development world is agile. It is a method of project management, which is critically different from traditional approaches. Agile software development principles, patterns and practices seem to be fresh and even a bit unusual: People and communication are valued…

Time And Materials Outsourcing Model: How It Works?

Time And Materials Outsourcing Model: How It Works?

Very often software development projects demand flexibility from both the contractor and the client. Time and money constraints should not influence the quality of the final product, and this is the main reason for the Time and Material outsourcing model’s popularity. In those cases where there is no full/clear vision…