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5 Tips to Manage An Outsourced Team of Developers

How to Manage an Outsourced Development Team

Did you know that the global capitalization of the outsourcing market in 2019 amounted to as much as 92.5 billion US dollars? We are confident that these numbers will grow even more this year: after all, many companies struggle to even have the opportunity to hire employees due to the…

Mobile UI Features in 2020

Mobile UI Features in 2020

It is hard to imagine leaving the house without your smartphone in hand. These devices have become integral to the way we live a modern life. The enormous number of apps has made phones so efficient. For an application to be user-friendly, it must have a stylish and easily manageable…

What is The Role of Mobile App Development in Digital Marketing

The Role of Mobile App Development in Digital Marketing

We are in a generation of mobile phones and mobile apps have paved the way for various business organizations to flourish in the best way possible. Recently after I came across statistical data posted by Google which said more than 75 percent of an individual’s mobile phone usage comes from…

Mobile eCommerce App Can Make Your Business a Mobile Success

Discover New Business Opportunities with eCommerce Mobile Apps

The launch of Google Play and App Store in 2008 has heartily expanded mobile business opportunities. Already in the first quarter of this year, almost 4.5 million apps were registered in the stocks of the two most popular mobile marketplaces. A ton of those apps is successfully used by business…

Cloud Application Migration: Best Practices

application migration

Cloud migration was a process born out of necessity. Initially, most applications placed their data in personal processing centers to provide full security. The development of cloud technologies and rapid market changes brought forth new requirements. One of them is great scalability, which we can find only after a cloud…

5 Factors Driving AI Trends in 2020

factors driving ai trends

All we see an incredible rise in AI technology with so many new advantages. The advantages are for people and changing our way of living and working. It is particularly important to realize that as its processes are increasing. Computers and software programs can both learn and make decisions. Thanks…

Rational Reasons for Choosing a Software Engineering Company from Eastern Europe

Hiring Software Engineering Companies from Eastern Europe

What is the principal challenge for the employer in any kind of business? CEOs may vary but huge odds are that most of them will mention a headache they have when they search for skillful personnel that can produce high-quality output without making a hole in the company’s budget. The…