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Node.js Developer: 6 Tips on Becoming a Node.js Ninja

Node js developer: 6 tips on Becoming a Node.js Ninja. Gravum

Now, no matter how sophisticated and refined technology is, the developer always has a chance to ruin everything with poor coding techniques and style. With that said, let’s discover the best Node.js practices and learn how to become a better Node js developer. As far as JS back-end is concerned,…

Cloud Solutions Development: How to Move Your Business to the Cloud

Cloud Solutions. How to move your business to Cloud. Gravum experts' article

Cloud solutions are getting more and more attention these days. Cisco forecasts the share of the cloud technology in the computing powers worldwide will grow to 94% by 2021, and there is a reason for this tremendous expected market share. The thing is, cloud services are the cutting-edge alternative to…

Minimum Viable Product. The Art of Startup Success Prediction

Minimum Viable Product in Software Development, experts from Gravum

Business trends are continually changing in the IT-industry. This is why developers all over the world go agile. They need to stay flexible to cope with market volatility. Information technology segment evolves at the insane speed, and countless promising startups fail before the actual launch. They simply don’t manage to…

UI/UX Design. A Cost-Effective Investment for Your Early-Stage Project

UI/UX Design. A Cost-Effective Investment for Your Early-Stage Project

UI/UX design stack has been a buzzword out here for a couple of years now, and there is a reason for it. Quality user experience is essential for meeting customer expectations, earning user loyalty, and business globalization. Let’s discover the UI/UX vital importance at the beginning of development and find…

Cross-platform Mobile App Development: Pros & Cons

Cross-platform Mobile App Development Gravum photo

Considering cross-platform mobile development most people think it is something that is appropriate for the developers. However, this knowledge could be quite important for Project Managers and investors as well. Actually, when it comes to more convenient workflow, fewer employees engaged in the process, less time to completion, and shorter…

Java Development Outsourcing: 5 Providers in Eastern Europe

Java Development Outsourcing: 5 Providers in Eastern Europe

Java development outsourcing is a common thing among the U.S., UK, and German companies.When it comes to the Java development¬†most employers believe they could easily find a team for their project. First, because this programming language is widely used, and, second, because there are a lot of the developers in…

Reasons Why a Fintech Firm Needs Software Development Outsourcing

Software Development Outsourcing in FinTech Gravum, photo

How does a fintech company keep on the peak of the wave in 2019? The answer is by software development outsourcing. It has already become the main hiring strategy for most industries, especially IT, and key fintech trends are not far behind. The reason is simple: if you want to…