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Which Front-End Technology Is the Best for Your Project in 2019?

Front-End Technology. Overview from Gravum experts. Photo

In 2019, software development outsourcing is as diverse and dynamic as ever. If you want your project to be a success, you have to keep up the pace. One of the key points of a successful development is front-end technology. There are many high-quality frameworks to choose from. This article…

Reasons To Outsource Software Development To Ukraine

Software Development Outsourcing: Top 5 Reasons To Ousource To Ukraine. Gravum? photo

According to consulting companies, IT magazines, and experts, Ukraine is considered to be the best place for software development outsourcing in Eastern Europe. It also ranks 4th in the world by the number of technical specialists. Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, and other IT giants choose Ukraine as their destination for software…

Business Gamification: Is It a Good Idea?

Gamifying Your Business to Increase the Revenue: Is It a Good Idea?

If you’ve just rolled your eyes and thought that business gamification have no place in a serious industry, you might want to reconsider that thought, because there are numerous companies and successful projects that would beg to differ. Here is a simple fact: humans are by their nature social, competitive,…

CRM Solutions For Finance: Ideas, Trends And Prospects

Finance CRM Solutions

CRM solutions in the finance industry are different. Because they don’t work on standard direct exchange aka ‘pay-for product’ or ‘pay-for-services’, they require more complex solutions. Banks, insurance companies, investment firms, and funds – all of them function as stewards of customers’ assets, and, thus, should optimize each internal operation…

Software Development Outsourcing: Project Management Trends for 2019

Software Development Outsourcing: Trends for PMs in 2019. From Gravum experts

There are good Project Managers in software development outsourcing process. They are used to analyzing their teams’ challenges and approaches, meeting the client’s expectations and using tools and methods they work with as much effectively as possible. There are smart Project Managers. They foresee their teams’ challenges and approaches, exceed…

10 Reasons Why You Need to Start Software Development Outsourcing

10 Reasons Why You Need to Start Software Development Outsourcing

Software development companies depend on IT teams heavily. Indeed, your internal developers are the heart and soul of your business. However, sometimes the workflow becomes too intense and you need someone second-guessed to rely on. Also, there are projects that seem to be too costly when done in-house. At this…

Top 5 Most Popular Jira Plugins

Top 5 Most Popular Jira Plugins

Software development is a sort of modern magic – people, who know the special language, can create full-fledged and functional programs to make users’ life easier. Joking aside, this activity is less about magic and more about hard work. Software developers are involved in a multilevel process of designing, specifying, programming,…