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Vue.js Development Services: 5 Reasons Why You Need It

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The choice between Angular, React, or Vue.js development services is a tricky one. Countless opinions, benchmarks, bandwagons – all these things create a mess in the heads of developers and entrepreneurs trying to pick a suitable technology. Let’s find out why Vue. js development is a solid option and then…

Top 4 FinTech Software Development Categories You Should Know

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As more and more financial data becomes digital, the more FinTech software development becomes relevant and demanded. And this happens for a reason: the commercial market sector has always kept the leading positions, and this trend is only going to get more apparent. Now, FinTech is an exceedingly broad and…

Dedicated Development Team: How to Become an Outsourcing Master

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When it comes to software development outsourcing, it’s always a choice between the dedicated development team and fixed-price projects. Picking the suitable software outsourcing model is vital to your product success. What are the projects dedicated team is the most efficient for? What are the possible pitfalls of this approach?…

Software Development Outsourcing in Ukraine

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Software development outsourcing in Ukraine is becoming more and more relevant solution for IT-companies to delegate their development process, and there is a reason behind this. You see, Ukrainian IT-market is growing exponentially, as the immense amount of talented developers from there enter the scene of software product development. Let’s…

PHP VS Node.js Development Services: What To Choose?

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Both Node.js development services and PHP are used as server-side programming languages. First is known as a quite simple scripting language. Second one function mostly an environment which allows running JavaScript within it. PHP went alive in 1994 and became the top language of the Web 1.0 epoch. Thanks to…

The Best React Development Services: How To Choose

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We think of React development services when it comes to cost-effective cross-platform development. To be precise, we think of React Native. Here at Gravum, our experts understand why: we all strive for swift development cycles and the best performance possible, and React Native seems to be a good fit. However,…

Node.js Developer: 6 Tips on Becoming a Node.js Ninja

Node js developer: 6 tips on Becoming a Node.js Ninja. Gravum

Now, no matter how sophisticated and refined technology is, the developer always has a chance to ruin everything with poor coding techniques and style. With that said, let’s discover the best Node.js practices and learn how to become a better Node js developer. As far as JS back-end is concerned,…