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4 Best Product Design And Development Companies

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As IT-industry expands and gets more and more rivalry-driven, the issue of quality product design and development arises. The thing is, it was enough just to develop a product in a popular market sector to be successful a few years ago. Things have changed since then. The product design –…

Top Cloud-Based Apps – 4 Solutions You Can Learn From

cloud-based apps Gravum photo Cloud-based apps are a hit now. Obtaining full desktop functionality in the browser app is a fascinating opportunity cloud apps provide. However, cloud computing - as a concept - does not bring your software success by itself. Here's the thing: every single technology can become meaningless and useless when misused....

Top 10 IoT Vulnerabilities of 2019

iot photos If you’re a manufacturer or developer of IoT devices, you shoud follow all existing and developing IoT trends! There are a number of pitfalls that you must be aware of before releasing any product. This list (below) are the things that you should be cognizant of beforehand. If you’re a...

3 Tips On Selecting Technology Consulting Services

technology consulting services Technology consulting is becoming a high-demand service, as more and more software development technologies appear on the market. This does not come as a surprise to Gravum business specialists: companies get perplexed by a wide variety of development tools. Let's find out why your business needs technology consulting services. We...

Product Design Systems. How to Become a Styling Expert

product design system

Product design systems are widely spread solution for keeping project design organized. This term became a buzzword, and sometimes people don’t understand what software product design systems are and how modern development cycle benefits from them. Without further ado, let’s dive into product design and development peculiarities and figure out…

Smart Home Solutions. How To Automate Your Home With IoT

smart home solutions

IoT and smart home solutions gain a significant interest among mobile users, as controllable devices and IT-industry in the whole are getting more and more open and accessible to the general public. 

R&D And Innovation: What Is More Crucial To Your Business

It is broadly believed that substantial investments in R&D innovation guarantee increased sales. Many are dead sure that the research and development department funding certainly brings innovative processes to the company. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. Let’s discover how Research & Development and Innovation work and figure out their…