Author: Joseph Wood

Artificial Intelligence In Mobile App Development – Trends For 2020

Artificial Intelligence In Mobile App Development

Artificial Intelligence in mobile app development is one of the frothiest spaces in the Valley now. AI has officially become a buzzword, and this happened for a reason. You see, Artificial Intelligence is an opportunity to make our devices smart, to make them think, not just execute the straightforward commands….

History Of Software Development Methodologies

software development methodologies history

Like any other industry, IT-market has been evolving during its development process. This emerged numerous software development methodologies along the way. Some of those are outdated now, other ones are still relevant to a nowadays market. Let’s discover 3 crucial phases of the history of software development methodologies to understand…

How to Avoid Common Application Security Challenges?

How to Avoid Common Application Security Challenges?

Trying to strengthen application security without a well-defined strategy is like shooting in the dark. Evolving technology is helping organizations advance but it also brings forward more sophisticated threats. Despite taking a proactive approach, businesses often fail to overcome app security challenges without a reliable security testing company. With the…

How To Become A Web Developer: 3 Steps To Begin With

become a web developer

As the Internet turns into a fancy place to spend time in, more and more talents want to become a web developer. The thing is, web development is not just about writing markup for web pages anymore. The modern web technology stack consists of multiple frameworks (both front-end and back-end),…

6 iOS Education Apps You Should Try

ios education apps - photo

iOS education apps are getting more and more attention, as the culture of mobile devices takes over the education sector. And this is quite reasonable: the digital information field still lacks alternatives to conventional educational materials like books. Combine this with smartphones becoming our day-to-day companions – and the rise…

5 Tips On Selecting Android App Development Services

5 Tips On Selecting Android App Development Services

As the mobile software industry expands, the market welcomes more and more entrepreneurs to jump into the mobile app bandwagon. This introduces immense rivalry, which means you have to be truly outstanding to reach the stars. Your mobile app has to perform excellently to withstand market competition. This is what…

6 Reasons To Lean Towards Cloud Applications Development

Cloud Applications Development photo As technology develops, the cloud applications concept gets more and more interest from both customers and developers. This happens for a reason: cloud-based applications combine the outstanding functionality and features of a desktop app while remaining flexible like web software. Let's discover 6 reasons why cloud computing applications are the...